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Hey, I'm Aaron Christopher


I am a passionate Programmer who loves tinkering with Python to automate my personal tasks. I have extensive experience in Backend Development, including working with virtual machines, Node.js, using NGINX as a reverse proxy, and deploying applications with Docker. I have also honed my frontend skills by completing projects with Typescript, React, and React Native. My preferred databases are MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and I have recently started using FaunaDB as my Next.jsdatabase. I'm also comfortable working with SQL databases like MySQL. I particularly enjoy using GitHub Action for CI/CD tasks. Furthermore, my college coursework has made me proficient in Linux SysAdmin, and I use it as my daily operating system. Recently, I had the privilege of enrolling in the Apple Developer Academy as a member of an esteemed cohort dedicated to mastering the art of app development within the Apple Ecosystem. Swift has become one of my favorite languages, and I have released several groundbreaking apps on the App Store.

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