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Risaikuru is a web service that can classify your trash to determine if it is organic or reusable

DTK Class Helper

Computer Engineering ITS Class List finder and helper


Pog Bot

This is a Discord Bot that has some cool commands, made with discord.js


Ronz Amogus

This is a Discord Bot that has some cool commands and some NSFW commands too, made with

Pesan Awanama

Web service to send anonymous message to me, yikes. Uses FaunaDB to store messages

Link Shortener

Personal link shortener and link tree using Notion API


Ronz Vulp

A LINE Messenger Bot made with Golang, NSFW command!



Validating KTP with an auto-filled form using OCR

#web_service, gcp, cloud

Amogus ascii art API, made with Cloudflare worker

#api, serverless


Real nice telegram bot, made with python-telegram-bot